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Safety Plans and Your Family

While all the trauma is happening in Haiti, I have been thinking about my own family and most households in our country. Today at the gym, while I was on the treadmill watching the news, I saw the tornado alert for Southern CA. The newscaster was telling everyone what to do, where to go for shelter and how to be as safe as possible in your own home. I started thinking about natural disaster and what I would do if I couldnt get to my children What if they were in school?

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ModernMom Q&A: Celebrity Hairstylist Clariss Anya Rubenstein

Clariss Anya Rubenstein is a celebrity hairstylist and mom boss whose clients include Sofia Vergara, Gemma Chan, Jennifer Garner, Alison Brie, Kaley Cuoco, Kat Dennings and Leighton Meester. ModernMom interviewed her before Mother's Day to see what motherhood has taught her. How are you doing, really? Well, that is a loaded question. On the plus…

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How to Decide to Keep or Terminate a Pregnancy

Deciding whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy can be an emotional decision. Women face this decision for a variety of reasons, such as an unplanned pregnancy or learning the baby has a life-threatening disease and is not likely to survive. In each case, the decision is intensely personal. Though you can get input from the important people in your life, ultimately, it’s your body and your choice. No one should make this choice for you.

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Help Kids Handle Life’s Tough Situations With “Have A Plan” Books From Little BLUEPRINT

The following is a guest post from Katherine Eskovitz, founder of little BLUEPRINT.When my daughter was two, she went to pre-school for the first time, and I thought it was one of the biggest days ever. When she was three, we moved across the country, and I was worried it would rock her world. Shortly after we moved, her sister had to have her tonsils removed, and we braced ourselves for surgery.These were …