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The Precautions Women Should Take in Internet Dating

The online dating world gives you more options, but finding a date online also presents safety risks. While many members of online dating sites are honest and well-intentioned, others prey on women or don’t present themselves honestly. Internet dating precautions reduce the chances of putting yourself into a risky situation with someone you meet online.

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The Family Guide to Bug Bites 

Bug bites have been a persistent souvenir of outdoor activities throughout human history, and today, these pesky critters continue to trouble our families. It’s an all-too-familiar scene—your kids return from outdoor play, already scratching at fresh bug bites acquired in the backyard. To effectively deal with these nuisances, it’s essential to understand the distinct preferences and behaviors of common pests that leave us with itchy welts.

In this article, we’ll explore three of the most prevalent bloodsucking pests before delving into effective strategies to safeguard your family and home from these persistent invaders.

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Next Step for a Young Adult with Autism

Next Step for a Young Adult with Autism What comes after high school for many young adults? College! Is my child going to college? Yes. Our child decided, with our input, to attend our local community college for the two-year degree, and then go to a four-year school. Why did he make this decision? First,…

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Are Children with Autism Singled Out? – Part Two

This is a follow-up to an incident that occurred at my child’s school a week ago. What was the incident? In a nutshell… My son attempted to charge his phone during a non-designed time in a math testing room. He was about to take a math test, and the co-teacher told him he could not…

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Are Children with Autism Singled Out?

Are Children with Autism Singled Out?   Why do I ask this question? Because of what happened at my son’s school just this past Friday. Why is this past Friday important? Because this past Friday was only a few short days after the latest awful school tragedy, this one in Parkland, Florida. In this version…