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Advice on Divorce Settlements

You must resolve three primary issues before a court will grant you a divorce, according to Psychology Today. These three issues concern custody of the children, alimony and child support and the division of marital property. Generally, you would seek the help of an attorney to settle these issues. The settlement is the final legal agreement between you and your husband.

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Halle Berry Ordered to Pay $16,000 Monthly Child Support to Ex

Halle Berry has been ordered to pay $16,000 a month in child support to her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry for their 6 year-old daughter Nahla. According to the Associated Press, the settlement was reached May 30 in Los Angeles. Berry is also required to pay Aubrys $300,000 attorney fees and $115,000 in retroactive child support. The Oscar winning actress, 47, and Canadian-born model Aubry, 38, met at a Versace photo shoot in …