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Childhood Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Brief pauses in breathing during the wakeful hours are typically not problematic. These brief pauses are called apnea. When the apnea happens to someone asleep, it’s called sleep apnea, and it can cause disruptions in sleep patterns. Childhood sleep apnea can result from obstructions such as enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Parents and caregivers can benefit from knowing the signs and symptoms of childhood sleep apnea.

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The Best Sleeping Position for a Baby

One of the lessons drummed into new mothers and fathers is the importance of sleeping position for babies during the first year of life. Knowing that sleeping position has been linked to occurrences of SIDS—sudden infant death syndrome—today’s parents are understandably eager to know the best way to put their babies to sleep. Although medical researchers have not yet come to a consensus on how to prevent all cases of SIDS, amazing strides have been made since the introduction of the Back to Sleep Campaign in the 1980s, which has reduced the number of babies who die from SIDS by as much as 50 percent. The best thing you can do to lower your baby’s risk of SIDS is to put your baby to sleep in the recommended sleeping position.

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Baby Sleep Problems

A report released by “Consumer Reports” indicates that 20 percent of all children under the age of five experience some sleep problems. Baby sleep problems are particularly troublesome to parents when they interrupt normal life. A tired baby is a cranky and frustrating baby. However, before you can address the problem, it is important to understand the types of sleep problems that may be affecting your baby.

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Can Snoring Ruin Your Relationship?

It may sound a like a funny question, but there’s nothing funny about it when you’re with a partner that snores. In fact, studies are saying that snoring can and has ruined relationships. Say your husband is snoring, for example, the next thing you know you two are sleeping separately and then what? No more sex life. Not getting enough sleep can impact your daily life and relationships with family and friends. We had a little office poll and a few of us said we wouldn’t even continue dating someone if we found out they snored. Then again, sometimes snoring happens with age, and not something your partner does within the first few years you’re with them. Look at these shocking statistics on snoring! What would you do if your partner snored? Sleep on the couch? Leave? (A little extreme, we know…)