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11 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want To Go Back To Work

Stay-at-home moms: Dont fall for the media chatter that opting out of work to raise kids will sound the death knell for your career. It IS possible to get back in. You just need some advice and inspiration.Remember, as a full-time mom, you opted in to the most important job in the world – raising the next generation of capable and responsible adults. There’s no need to regret your decision; it was the …

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How to Increase Sex Drive When Pregnant

Your pregnancy can produce many changes in your life. The activities you used to enjoy may hold little appeal. Your growing baby, expanding belly and shifting hormones may affect your sex drive. Many women experience an increase in libido during certain stages of pregnancy, while feeling a reduced sexual desire during other stages. Although the reasons for your sex drive may range from physical changes to emotional stress, certain practices can safely increase your desire and your sexual enjoyment.

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Vertigo With Pregnancy

When you first found out you were pregnant, you experienced a whirlwind of emotion, announcements and excitement, so you may have pushed the occasional dizzy spell out of your mind. Repeated vertigo issues, however, can cause alarm. Vertigo during pregnancy is not uncommon and is usually harmless, but in some instances, it can require medical attention.