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Truth About Acai Diet Pills

Once upon a time, in the deep, remote areas of the Brazilian rain forest, grew a tree called the acai that caused fat to literally melt away in those who ate from its fruits. If this sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale for adults struggling with weight loss, that’s because it is. The truth about acai diet pills isn’t too pretty–nor is it likely to be encouraging to consumers who put their belief in this tiny purple berry that came to us from afar.

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Terms of Use

Introduction This Web Site is provided to you under these “Terms of Use” and any amendments or supplements to them that may be posted by Momenta, LLC (“Modern Mom”) from time to time (collectively referred to as this “Agreement”). Your use of this Web Site shall be deemed to constitute your consent to be bound…

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Best Deals of The (Leap) Year!

As if getting a day for free wasn’t already the best deal ever… there’s more! On February 29th, there’s a whole bunch of special promotions, discounts and sales available for savvy shoppers. From hotel accommodations to a whole day at Disneyland, this Leap Day is full of deals so good, you’ll leap for joy! Here are five awesome specials we found for you: Children’s Place

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List of Hair Growth Products for Black Women

You may be losing your hair due to a medical situation or tight hairstyles, according to the “Essence Magazine” website. For a black woman, losing hair can be especially stressful as hair is considered a “crowning glory” in African American culture. While some cases of hair loss may need medical intervention, several hair growth products might help, whether you want to grow more hair or regain the mane you once so prized.