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Meet the Single Mom Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

For decades, the beauty industry has helped shape the narrative around femininity and played a major role in the evolution of consumerism and gender norms as they exist today—the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, one mom is painting a new narrative around beauty, and the beholder, using the brushstrokes of self-love, radical inclusivity,…

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Autism and Sleep Issues

Autism and Sleep Issues I stumbled upon an autism-related article that discussed sleep issues among children with autism. Got me thinking about my son and sleep. What’s it like for us? As far as I’m concerned, even though my son has autism, he’s been a pretty good sleeper for most of his life. Not that…

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Ode to the Single Parents

Its quite common to hear someone say Im a single parent this week when their husband/wife/partner is out of town due to work obligations. I certainly know that experience; Daddy-o is away on average four days a week. Its no easy feat for a mama of six and it certainly takes its toll – but however tricky, you wont catch me referring to myself as a single parent.

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Autism and Food Issues

Many children on the autism spectrum have some kind of food issues. What are food issues? I believe that anyone on the autism spectrum can have reactions to oral stimuli. Many make noises with their mouths in order to help regulate themselves. Food issues often stem from oral issues. They also are connected with digestive…