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Saggy Arm Solution

The Fit Mommy Toolbox is a ModernMom resource for moms who want to live healthy and active lifestyles. If the bottom of your arm is simultaneously waving goodbye with your hand as the school bus is pulling away, try this exercise to tone your triceps and fight flab. The tricep, the longest muscle found in your arms, requires purposeful TLC to keep your arms tight, sleek and toned.

4 mins read

Did I Miss the Resolution Deadline?

Were already over a week into 2011 and Im feeling bad about not having made my New Years resolutions. Guess Ill have to save live without regrets and stop procrastinating for next year. Ive never been a fan of resolutions. Probably because Ive never kept a single one. Plus, I really like my life. Im happy, healthy and loved. Whats to change? Of course, there are a few things on my wish list.