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Killing Off Supermom

I’ll be honest with you. In my house, the beds are rarely made unless someone is coming to visit. Sometimes I yell. My closet is a disaster and I feel guilty that I work too much. My kids watch more TV than they should. And I simply cannot afford to go all organic right now. There is a sticky shelf in my refrigerator that I keep hoping will evaporate on its own, and this morning I had to send my son off to camp with a PB&J made with frozen waffles because I forgot to buy bread. I’m not perfect. There, I said it. Bye Bye Supermom

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How to Make New Year’s Eve Kid-Friendly

If New Year’s Eve means staying at home with the kids this year, making it a kid-friendly festivity is easier than you might think. Parents can still have lots of fun, ringing in the new year with their little ones. New Year’s Eve isn’t exclusively for grownups anymore, and you really don’t have to go out somewhere to make it a great celebration. With family friendly New Year’s Eve parties becoming more popular, the ideas for planning a fun event are endless:

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An Older Teenager with Autism and a New Dog

An Older Teenager with Autism and a New Dog The last time our family got a puppy, our son was eight years old. After a few months, the dog, a German Shepard, got to be very strong. She was difficult to walk on the leash. She had training, but didn’t “take to it” very well.…

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Remembering September 11th – That Fateful Day

Today is a heavy day for many. I’m getting ready to head to Pepperdine University to visit the 9/11 Memorial and pray. I will never forget my close call that day. My children ask many questions, and my oldest knows how lucky we were to secure seats at on the first AA flight out of JFK. There are no ordinary moments. Here is my family’s story…

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Boy or Girl? Pregnancy Myths and Facts on Which Gender You’re Carrying

Congratulations youre pregnant! So, are you having a boy or a girl? Everywhere you go, youll certainly be asked this question. Whether you decide to find out your babys gender as early as possible (hey, you may want to get a head start on choosing the right color paint for the nursery), or you decide to let your babys gender be a delivery day surprise, there are some facts and myths that can make the guessing game fun until you find out for sure.