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Sweet Slumber Party Crafts for your Tween

The best part of growing up as a girl is getting to have your first slumber party. Theres nothing cooler than getting to hang out with your best friends until youve run out of things to talk about and things to do. Unfortunately, this often means raiding Moms makeup, and the subsequent shopping trip to replace all of the broken powders and destroyed brushes (by the way, Im sorry about that, Mom!). The good news is that we have a few crafts that will keep your girl and her BFFs occupied without destroying your fancy cosmetics.

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Slumber Party Tips and Tricks

I’m a huge fan of ModernMom and couldnt be more thrilled to contribute to this amazing resource for parents. I will be sharing with you my planning tips, theme ideas, craft projects and some great finds to make your next party unique and fabulous! Today I want to share with you a party theme that is close to my heart and will appeal to any family with little girls…. A SLUMBER PARTY!

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Birthday Slumber Party Games

A slumber party is an age-old right-of-passage that almost every girl remembers from her youth. As your daughter transitions from childhood to her tween or teen years, she will likely become eager to host a slumber party of her own. While girls can pass hours simply gossiping and giggling, creating organized games may make it easier for you to keep the mayhem at bay and ensure that her slumber party is a sleep-free event to remember.