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iPhone Tricks & Tips

If you’re a proud owner of an iPhone, you can benefit from its state-of-the-art mechanisms, jam-packed with apps and features, which make it one of the best smart phones available in the market. An iPhone has many tricks up its sleeves to make communication just a little bit more entertaining and life just a little bit easier to organize.

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Internet Tips for Parents

With cyber bullies and Internet predators making the news on a regular basis, parents may be tempted to deny their kids any access to the Internet. However, kids are going to be exposed to the Internet through school and through their friends. And a complete ban by parents may make children hide their Internet activities, putting them more at risk. Instead of banning Internet use, join your child on the Internet to keep him safe.

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Internet Dating Tips for Women

Internet dating is booming. Whether via online matchmaking sites, social networking sites, online personals listings or online chat rooms, men and women are meeting potential friends, lovers and lifetime mates online. If you’re thinking that online dating is a poor second cousin to meeting somebody in real life, consider these statistics: One of the biggest free dating sites in the U.S., PlentyOfFish.com, has received up to a million visitors in a single day, and Jupiter Research estimates the Internet dating industry will take in almost $2 billion in revenue by the year 2012. Why is Internet dating so popular? While it’s true that you can’t absorb certain details about a potential significant other simply from an online meeting, Internet dating offers benefits over real-life first meetings, the major one being that looking for love on the Internet opens the playing field to more people than you could ever hope to consider otherwise. Internet dating can be safe and extremely rewarding, if you keep certain tips in mind.