5 mins read

Socializing at an Autism Conference

I recently attended yet another autism conference. Now, for me, attending a conference is about education. I want to learn whats new in the autism world. I already have a working knowledge of autism but I like to keep up with the latest. A problem for me is I am not that outgoing. What do I do at a conference?

3 mins read

My First Corset

It is true that I am obsessed with the PBS show, Downton Abbey. Also true that I have read all 1,040 pages of Gone With The Wind at least four times. But that doesnt explain why I recently bought two corsets made from cold hard steel and reinforced black nylon. Twenty years ago, I bought a beautiful black dress. Handsewn black lace sleeves. Sequined fitted top. Fluffy black polka dot crinoline skirt. Purchased at the same fancy-schmancy Madison Avenue boutique where I got my white silk wedding gown.