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Stool Color in Babies

Parenthood brings with it many new worries, including the color of your baby’s stools. With numerous diaper changes on an average day, most parents see a variety of stool colors. The changes cause alarm in some new parents. A range of stool colors are possible, but some colors could signal an underlying problem.

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The Best Colors to Wear for Photographs

The color you choose for a professional photograph session sets the tone for the portrait. Clothing worn in a photograph requires careful consideration to ensure that the end result will be pleasing to the eye. Finding clothing that you feel comfortable wearing and that photographs well can be a challenge. It is even further complicated if several people are in the photograph, as colors should be coordinated.

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Coloring (and Living) Outside the Lines

My sister, Jessica, sent my daughter Ava a set of paints for her 5th Birthday. She called to make sure the gift arrived. Did Ava paint me a picture yet? she asked. Yeah, but it wasnt that great, I explained. Ill wait until she does a good one. Silence.

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Tips for Matching Clothing Color

Some women look put together even when they are out, walking the dog. Their shoes match their pants and their headbands coordinate with their backpacks. Many women, though, struggle to choose tops that match pants or skirts and get frustrated when prints create creative chaos in wardrobes. You can learn to make matching clothing color less of a chore and turn yourself from fashion tragedy to trendsetter.

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The Best On-Camera Colors to Wear

Let’s face it: we moms want to look our best, even if we feel like we are covered in spit-up and haven’t had a haircut in months. Luckily, looking our best when being filmed may be as simple as choosing the best colors to wear. While each person has certain colors that she looks best in, some colors really stand out when recorded. In addition, many colors are associated with certain personality traits.