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(Scary) Scenes from the Soft Play Center

I understand the concern surrounding the soft play at the mall. Any place that breeds a virus called hand, foot and mouth disease is no place for children. The soft play is alarmingly similar to a public restroom: its free, smells, and gets cleaned once a day (though whoever sees that happen?). But kids wash with hand sanitizer, run barefoot, zip down slides with squishy soiled diapers, and inevitably lick the 3-foot tall apple–just to see.

6 mins read

Taking on Back Talk

Last week, I reread the family diary I kept faithfully years ago when my first two children were little. The entries stop rather abruptly after my third child entered the picture. For ten years, I haven’t had time to look at these notes. Most amusing: examples of the back talk problem I used to have…

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Spring Fashion Trends You Will L-O-V-E

Spring is officially here, which means you now have the perfect excuse to go on that much needed shopping excursion. Get ready to add some of these gorgeous trends into your wardrobe this season! 1. Wide Leg Pants The 70s are back and looking fabulous as ever. With a pair of high-waisted wide leg trousers you can achieve a chic, sophisticated look that is comfortable and easy to move in. Try matching your new pants with a thin belt and a pair of wedges to complete a slimming, lengthening look. 2. Florals