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Every Sport Under the Sun: Keeping it Organized

Between baseball, football, tennis, and basketball, my son needs his own social secretary just to run his extracurricular activities. Sadly, thats me! And although my daughter only plays tennis and basketball, she too has her share of uniforms, practice outfits, sneakers and gear. Whats the best way to organize all this equipment, not to mention the logistics? Here are my tips to help you through every sporting season under the sun:

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Our Sports Heroes Are Criminals

For years crimes against children have been perpetrated. For years domestic violence has existed, but not until our sports heroes were revealed as perpetrators has it caused a national media storm like it has right now. Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Adrian Peterson are just some of the athletes who have been revered and looked…

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Sport Camps for Kids

If your child seems to never tire of engaging in sports, enrolling him in a summer sports camp may be an effective way to help him build his athletic skills and quench his thirst for physical activity. An array of camps featuring sports programs are available to children. To select your child’s perfect summer escape, consider which sports most strike his fancy, along with how far you want him to venture from home during his camp experience.