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The Best Activity to Lose Weight

When you make the decision to finally work off those extra pounds you’ve been carrying for too long, the exercise choices may seem overwhelming. You could go to the gym, join an exercise class or buy a treadmill. The options seem endless. If you are going to do this, you want the one exercise that can promise some weight loss. Otherwise, it’s just not worth the effort.

3 mins read

Sports Injury Prevention for Kids

While sports can be a healthy way for kids to burn off energy and build their muscles, attendant risks are associated with sports participation. Much to the chagrin of many moms, you can’t fully protect your sports player from injury. You’ll cringe every time they step foot on a football field, baseball diamond or basketball court. However, you can help your athletic kid prevent injury (and calm your nerves a bit) with some common-sense safeguards.

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Exercise Tips for Teens

By engaging in regular exercise, potentially lazy teens can use their youthful energy to keep themselves fit. If you would like to see your couch-loving teen up and moving more, consider some ways in which you can help her maximize her exercise results and make the task of exercising a little less distasteful for your notorious physical-activity avoider.