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Autism and College-Related Standardized Tests

I was speaking with a relative recently who mentioned that her child, who is one year older than mine, has had trouble with standardized tests. This typical sixteen-year-old struggled with the “practice” PSAT and then again on the SAT. She was planning on retaking the SAT or taking the ACT later in the year. Her…

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How to Assemble a Standard Baby Crib

Though there are many types of baby cribs out there, most of the basic types of cribs are assembled in the same basic way. There are three main panels that form the stationary sides, and one side that is attached to a sliding mechanism that makes it slide up and down so that the parent can easily access the baby. If you have one of these types of cribs, then you can use these instructions to assemble it in around 30 minutes.

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Crib Safety Standards Expanded

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued new safety guidelines this week regulating the sale of cribs both new and used. The new guidelines prohibit the sale (and production) of drop-side cribs and call for stronger support for mattresses and stronger slat strength. These new guidelines also require companies to make the crib hardware stronger and more durable. Cribs now require more rigorous testing. With these new guidelines, the US crib standards will …

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Standardized Testing – Friend or Foe?

Pennsylvania mother of two Michelle Gray considers standardized testing a foe indeed. While other students attending Park Forest Elementary in State College, PA are participating in two weeks of standardized tests, Grays two children are spending their time elsewhere. Gray told CNN that she believes the tests cause unnecessary anxiety in students, dont accurately measure accomplishment, and are used to punish schools. Eight other parents have also decided to keep their children out of participating in testing this year, agreeing with Gray that the tests cause too much stress.