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Birth Control Methods for Christians

Birth control and family planning are an important part of creating the family you hope for, whether you are in the first years of your marriage or reaching the end of your fertility. Faith may play a role in your contraceptive choices, regardless of your denomination. Consider your own preferences, your spiritual beliefs and religious counsel, your health and your lifestyle when selecting the right birth control method.

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Holistic Birth Control Methods

If you prefer a more natural or holistic approach to birth control, several options allow you to tune into your body and still avoid pregnancy. Truthfully, holistic birth control methods do require more awareness and thought than popping a pill each day, and depending upon the approach you choose, may require abstinence during fertile times. All natural methods work by avoiding sex or by opting for a barrier method during fertile times, then using no contraceptive during infertile times. Effectiveness depends upon your commitment, the method you choose and even your body.

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When is the Rhythm Method of Birth Control Safe?

While jokes abound about the rhythm method, it can be a reliable method of natural family planning that prevents pregnancy effectively. Modern knowledge about fertility patterns and signs can help you to make good choices about when to engage in sexual activity and when to abstain, when you are using the rhythm method. To know when you are safe and when you are not, you need to know your own cycle and your body.

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Types of Family Planning

Family planning, also known as contraception or birth control, is a way to control unwanted pregnancies. Many methods of family planning are available, so each couple should be able to find one that is right for them. Talk to your health-care provider to determine the best type of birth control for you. When picking out the best method of contraception, a doctor factors in your health and whether you have and want children.

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The Link Between Endometriosis And Infertility

My need for support and companionship during my struggle with infertility and endometriosis led me to join the online patient community and through my involvement in this community, I have met the strongest, most inspiring women.Some of them have since become my closest friends and confidants. A good many of them started struggling with infertility in their 20s. Years passed as they tried many treatments and suffered miscarriages. Some of them did receive …