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11 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want To Go Back To Work

Stay-at-home moms: Dont fall for the media chatter that opting out of work to raise kids will sound the death knell for your career. It IS possible to get back in. You just need some advice and inspiration.Remember, as a full-time mom, you opted in to the most important job in the world – raising the next generation of capable and responsible adults. There’s no need to regret your decision; it was the …

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Staying Out of Our Kids’ College Applications

I swore I would not be the kind of mom who micro-managed my kids’ college applications. No helicoptering for me. No sirree, I was too wise and evolved for that kind of shallow “my kids define me” mentality.

My grandparents and my parents went to college. I went to college. My kids work hard and play hard at good schools; all predictors were excellent that my children would go to college too.

That was the …

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Are Shoelaces Irrelevant?

Every single day, my seven year-old son gets off the bus with both of his shoes untied, laces dragging on the ground, and his feet coming out of his sneakers with every step. Every single day I ask him how long hes been walking around like that, and every single day I am met with a silent shrug, which I take to mean, somewhere aro