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College Safety 101: Miss Independent’s Guide to Empowerment, Confidence, & Staying Safe

Didn’t you wish you had a book with all the DOs and DONTs for when you were in college? You know, to keep you from eating that bad dining hall food or steer you away from peer pressure. Well, “College Safety 101: Miss Independent’s Guide to Empowerment, Confidence, & Staying Safe” is a great introductory guide for the young woman’s transition to college, specifically to give her the confidence to make the right decisions. So you won’t be told what not to eat, but it will certianly shed some light on how to keep yourself safe on and off campus.

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Staying Safe in the Sun: Tips From an Expert

The summer sun has finally started to come out! So now, more than ever we have to be conscious about sun safety. Whether you and your kids are playing soccer in the park or spending an afternoon at the beach, proper sun protection including sunscreen is a must! We recently spoke with Joanne Speight, CEO of Seasons UV, who gave us some important tips on staying safe in the summer sun! What is the safest and most effective type of sunscreen? Broad Spectrum: It handles both UVA & UVB rays.

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The Cough Conundrum – Stay Home or Safe to Go Out?

Lets face it. If you have been to your childs school or daycare over the past several weeks, you have undoubtedly heard a contagious chorus of coughs and sniffles. The unfortunately inevitable virus swap reaches its peak during the winter season and on average, a young child will have 6-10 colds per year. I am most commonly asked about the symptoms associated with the common cold and flu, including a runny nose, cough, and fever.

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Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween!

Trick or treating is one of the great American traditions, and we can still enjoy a safe night out trolling for goodiesprovided we use some common sense and give our kids a few important guidelines. Maybe youll be accompanying your hobgoblins door to door this year, or perhaps you have older children venturing out on their own with friends. Here are some general safety tips along with reminders for parents and important advice for older kids.