3 mins read

Steroids’ Effect on Teen Athletes

Despite the fact that anabolic steroids are illegal and can cause health problems, some teenage athletes are willing to use them anyway to help improve their muscle mass and strength. Maybe they believe that steroid use is their ticket to pro sports or a college scholarship. Tell your teen that the harmful effects of steroids are just not worth it.

2 mins read

Safe Skin Care During Pregnancy

While the excitement and anticipation you feel during pregnancy may leave little time for you to think about your skin, proper skin care techniques can prevent future problems. Some medications and skin preparations protect your health while others pose a risk to the health of your developing baby. Caring for your skin, including treating both preexisting skin conditions and skin changes due to pregnancy, require caution.

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Croup in Children

If it’s wintertime and you have a child who is 5 years old or younger who has a barking type of cough, she might have a virus called croup. Children older than 5 years can also get croup, and they can get croup in other seasons besides winter, but it’s most common in young children and during the winter months. Most times, croup is mild enough that you can treat it at home, but recognize the signs of a more serious condition that requires a doctor’s attention.