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Is the Fat Acceptance Movement For Real?!

How many times have you heard, as long as youre healthy, it doesnt matter what size you are? Everybodys been told, at one point or another, that weight doesnt matter as much as leading a healthy lifestyle. Well, while the fat acceptance movement certainly advocates this stance, that doesnt necessarily mean its right. Never heard of the fat acceptance movement? Well, it really is just like it sounds. People all over are joining social groups that promote the idea that any one can be healthy at any size. While there is no debate about how stick-thin models further an unhealthy and unrealistic ideal of feminine beauty, is the opposite true? Is the recent trend of accepting overweight bodies just as unhealthy?

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Killing Off Supermom

I’ll be honest with you. In my house, the beds are rarely made unless someone is coming to visit. Sometimes I yell. My closet is a disaster and I feel guilty that I work too much. My kids watch more TV than they should. And I simply cannot afford to go all organic right now. There is a sticky shelf in my refrigerator that I keep hoping will evaporate on its own, and this morning I had to send my son off to camp with a PB&J made with frozen waffles because I forgot to buy bread. I’m not perfect. There, I said it. Bye Bye Supermom

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10 Things Happy Moms Do Differently

“Today’s feminism isn’t about women doing it all. It’s about women NOT having to do it all.” -Gloria SteinemI began buying into the myth of “doing it all” at an early age. In my 20s, I had my checklist life in mind: start a lucrative career right after college, meet someone and fall in love, get married by age 30, get my career to a successful enough point that I could …