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Baby Development Milestones

Now that your baby is born, you get to enjoy watching her reach several milestones over her first year of life. Baby development milestones include the big ones, such as walking for the first time and saying her first words, as well as smaller, but equally important ones, such as being able to lift her head on her own and recognizing who you are.

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Toddler Developmental Milestones

When a baby starts to walk, he unofficially becomes a toddler. When most people speak of toddlerhood, they are referring to children between 1 and 3 years of age. Toddlers often make major changes, especially in regards to locomotion, thinking and talking. One-year-olds master walking and mobility, while 2-year-olds work on expanding their vocabulary. Toddlers learn to master their bodies and progress from walking to climbing and running. They learn names of body parts and are constantly refining their fine- and gross-motor skills. They become more independent and imitative. Children reach milestones based on their own timetables, but there are averages of when to expect new developments.

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Baby Stages During Pregnancy

Learning you are pregnant can be great news. Adjusting to the thought of becoming a new mother can have you walking on clouds one moment and chewing your fingernails in distress the next. Not only is your body changing right under your eyes, your baby is rapidly getting ready for life outside your womb. Like many mothers, you may want to begin keeping track of your child’s milestones even before he is born.

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Jimmy Kimmel is Engaged (and 5 of our Favorite Funny JK Videos!)

It’s no joke – the late night talk show host is officially engaged to girlfriend Molly McNearney. Kimmel, 44, and McNearney, 34, were reportedly on vacation in South Africa’s Kruger National Park when he popped the question. The couple, who have been dating for the past three years, are also co-workers. She’s one of the head writers on his talk show – ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live.