7 mins read

It’s Ok To Let Our Kids Settle For “Good Enough”

When it comes to my kids, one of the things that stresses me out is this whole idea of specializing.Since my daughter was four or five, I’ve watched as many of her friends have streamlined their focus on piano or guitar, on club soccer or volleyball teams, on ice skating or acting or singing or swimming or tennis or dance. The stakes seem to get really high really fast – weekend tournaments in Las …

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Too Much Stuff!

My husband and I moved into our current home not quite thirteen years ago. About two weeks afterwards, some faulty electrical wiring caused a fire that destroyed a good chunk of the house. Luckily, nobody was hurt, and we didnt lose anything that couldnt be replaced. Photos, videos and keepsakes were all spared.

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Packing List for Winter Travel

Winter travel can be bulky. Between extra outerwear and extra layers of underwear, it can seem like you are packing the whole house. Make a list of everything you need to keep your packing streamlined and under control. Bring everything you need to be safe, warm and comfortable, without bringing more than you need.