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Crib Mattress Guidelines

Your baby’s crib is more than just an exciting piece of decor to add to the nursery–a crib must keep your child safe and comfortable throughout the night, during naps and at times when you may be out of earshot. Choosing a crib mattress that conforms to the strict safety standards set out by the Consumer Products Safety Commission and the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association will give you the peace of mind that your little one is secure at all times when she’s in her crib.

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The Secret to White Pants Revealed

Many people can’t think about wearing white pants without slightly frightening images of 1987 music videos coming to mind. If this is you, it’s time for a mind makeover! White pants are not your mortal enemy. Then again, they’re not your BFF either, but tend to occupy some quasi-friendship-like role between passionate lovers and dreaded foes. Lucky for you, this is your guide to wearing these hate-’em or love-’em pants, no matter how terrifying or thrilling idea may sound.

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You Are Not Good at Everything! Now What?

Dont let the feeling of not being good at everything stop you from living out your dreams. Decide Im not good at everything…SO WHAT! And move forward. Not being good at everything does not make your message and purpose in the world any less important. You are here for a reason, so dont let insecurities about weakness hold you back. Embrace them and say, who cares Ill do my best anyway!

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Facts on Foreign Adoption

A foreign adoption, also known as an intercountry or international adoption, allows you to adopt a child from a different country. When done following proper procedures, the child becomes legally and permanently your child. Countries have their own set of guidelines and procedures, and you must follow the procedures established in both your country and the country of the adopted child.