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Transforming Lives: The Inspiring Story of Bithiah’s Family Services

  Bithiah’s Family Services, a charity dedicated to the aid of those in foster care and their needs. As the holiday season is here, it’s natural to reflect on all which we are thankful for. For many of us, this includes family, friends, and the comfort of a stable home. However, this is not the…

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German Baby Girl Names

Many factors come into play when deciding what to name your baby. You may consider how the name sounds, how it looks on paper or what the name means. Some parents choose to honor a specific person by naming a child after her, while others want to choose a name that recognizes the family’s nationality or cultural heritage. If you’re looking for a baby girl name of Germanic origin, you’ll find that many of them are among the most popular names of the last century and the first 10 years of this one.

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7 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

While most people don’t always manage to stick to their New Year’s resolutions, I am all for making goals and trying to reach them. What’s wrong with striving to improve your imperfections or change some bad habits?With that said, here are some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions I’ve come across and some advice on how to actually achieve them: