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Invest in the Future With Crowd-Funded Student Loans

What can you buy with $25? A shirt at the mall? Sushi dinner for one? How about an education for students from third-world nations? Vittana is a groundbreaking not-for-profit organization that makes loans for higher and vocational education for students in third-world countries through a first-of-its-kind online microfinance discipline and a global awareness initiative. In short, it inspires investments in impoverished students through an online social connection, which means anyone can be a lender.

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Unlock Your College Dreams: Top Scholarship Resources for High School Students

Let's face it, it's one thing to get into college, and it's a whole other thing to be able to afford it. If you've got an eye on higher education, you've probably discovered how expensive it can be. As high school students prepare for the next chapter in their educational journey, the soaring costs of…

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Teens and College Students: Prime Targets for Identity Theft

A recent article warned that young adults aged 18 to 24 are among the last to detect identity theft. Especially at risk are college students, many of whom are away from home for the first time and are now starting to be independent. People in this age group feel entitled to adult treatment but frequently ignore adult responsibilities, such as keeping a close eye on finances.

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How to Get a Loan

At some point you undoubtedly will find yourself applying for some sort of loan. Whether it’s to finance the purchase of new home, to help you start a business, or simply to tide you through tough economic times, this will be a very important process for you. Learn tips and strategies to make the process easier.