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Autism and a New Study

Autism and a New Study Happy New Year 2022 Recently, I came across a study that provides one explanation on why autism presents in males more than females. NOTE: This is only one small study conducted by Dr. Christine Ecker of Goethe University in Germany. What did the study say? The study looked at why…

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New Study Proves Pot Lowers IQ Points

Does smoking pot make you stupid? New research suggests that lighting up joints on a regular basis may lower a person’s IQ… for life. A recently published study out of New Zealand has been following 1,037 for the past 25 years. The subjects of the study were issued IQ tests at age 13 and again at age 38. Throughout the study, participants were surveyed about their drug use.

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The Studying Struggle for a Child with Autism

When my child was in third grade, we discovered a school issue. In third grade, my sons class began to have chapter tests. These tests covered a lot of materialan entire chapter of material. My son needed to study for a week to be ready to take a comprehensive test. This was a big change for him. Our son has struggled with this issue on and off since third grade.