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Quinoa-Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

The following recipe was originally published onRebelGrain.com. Visit the website for more great ideas and cooking tips!If you Google “quinoa stuffed portobellos,” youll find lots of options. But, its not just my stuffing that makes these so special (although, if I say so myself, my stuffing is better than all the others I found.Its what you serve these little beauties with that makes them spectacular both to the …

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Message Stuffed (Thankful) Crescent Rolls

What’s the best part of the holidays? Having your babies help you in the kitchen! My two-year-old wanted to help me cook and I couldn’t find anything for her to do that didn’t involve a hot pan, a burning oven, or a sharp knife! I took out the crescent rolls so she could play with the dough and that’s when this fun idea came into my head. These little crescent roll messages are so fun and the perfect project for any little one. (Note: I used regular store bought crescent rolls for this.) Directions