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Energy Drinks: Do You Know What Your Kids Are Drinking?

This is Part I of Bright Beacon’s series on Energy Drinks. Don’t miss Part II – “Skip The Speed: 5 Reasons Teens Should Avoid Energy Drinks”and Part III – Energy Drinks: The Danger Of Creating “Wide-Awake Drunks” Energy drinks are caffeinated beverages advertised as boosting the immune system, enhancing performance, and creating a buzz or a high. Most parents cannot differentiate between an energy drink and a carbonated soda. And even fewer can explain specifically to their kids why energy drinks might be unhealthy.

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Products to Make Your Hair Grow

Women can lose their hair for a variety of reasons, including age, a genetic condition or insufficient diet. If you experience hair loss, check with your doctor to determine the cause of it and whether you can reverse it. In some cases, you may be able to make your hair grow back by simply making some dietary changes. Other types of hair loss may require special products to make hair grow again.