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Wait, Is This Seriously All For 6th Grade Graduation?

My daughter is about to graduate from sixth grade. Shes transitioning from elementary school to middle school. Personally, I dont think this requires a whole lot of fanfare. Maybe there could be a class party, maybe the sixth graders might get a little extra space in the yearbook. Perhaps there could be some sort of assembly.On my last day of elementary school (in fifth grade), all of the fifth graders were given …

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Ovarian Aging and Infertility

The decrease in female fecundity beginning after the age of 30 and exaggerated after 40 is a well documented finding. This age-related decline in fertility is the result of several factors that contribute to overall reproductive failure. Women over 35 require a longer period to achieve conception than younger women, and a higher percentage of older women will never achieve pregnancy. In addition, the rate of early pregnancy wastage increases substantially during the 30s, and is over 50% after age 40.

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Strong Names for Babies

Many moms and dads hope that their new baby is strong and able to take on the challenges that fill life. A number of names from a diverse array of cultures reflect this desired strength, as strength has long been held as a virtue. By selecting one of these decidedly strong baby names, you can reflect your desire for your child to grow into a powerful and self-sufficient individual.