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Healthy Tips For Your Child’s Lunchbox

Packing a lunch for your children can feel overwhelming when you are trying to make it healthy, and they want nothing but junk. There are many healthy foods that taste great, but sometimes just getting them to try something “healthy” is a struggle. Understanding some of the healthy lunchbox options and making it appealing can help you put together meals that will have your children eagerly looking forward to lunchtime.

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8 Ways to Teach Your Kids Mindful Eating

Introducing whole foods to your children is an exciting time, and one that can likely start you down a road of wondering whether or not you are providing them with the right foods, at the right time. While parents share many similar questions and concerns surrounding food for their kids (especially if they’re picky eaters),…

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Spicy Quinoa Meatballs With White Wine Sauce

The following recipe was originally published onRebelGrain.com. Visit the website for more great ideas and cooking tips!Ive been wanting to come up with a meatball recipe for some time and last night I finally did it.No, I didnt grow up with meatballs; meatballs are not a Guamanian sort of thing. They are, however, protein packed powerhouses andthatis why they appeal to me. (Theres no better …

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Skip The Sugar: Sweet Snack Alternatives For Kids

Of course, kids love their sugary snacks, but there are tons of other options available to satisfy their cravings for flavorful food that dont have to involve the unhealthy refined white stuff.Here are a few of our favorites:HummusIf youre under the impression that hummus is boring, think again! These days you can find hummus in all kinds of flavors. We love roasted red pepper hummus and sundried tomato hummus. If …