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Watermelon: The Miracle Skin-Saver!

After winter, our skin yearns for moisture and replenishing. Watermelon is a great skin saver, with its 93% water content and its multi-vitamin combination of vitamins A, B6 and C. It will not only hydrate your skin, but also repair and protect your skin for the coming sunny months. The following are recipes for utilizing watermelon to bring vibrance back to wintery skin and to prepare for the sun: For Dry Skin

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All Natural Sunburn Relief

A sunburn can begin to spread across your skin as soon as one hour after sun exposure. Along with pain, redness and the occasional smattering of blisters, a sunburn can cause headache, fever and a feeling of being run down. Unless your sunburn is extremely severe, you can treat it at home the natural way.

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Should Buffers Be Used to Remove Facial Hair?

Almost as big a problem as facial hair is finding the right way to remove it. Buffing away hair offers an inexpensive solution. In fact, during World War II, women resorted to using sandpaper to buff hair off of their legs due to the shortage of razor blades. Buffing away facial hair can work in theory and in practice — but you may want to consider that this method can be painful when applied to such a sensitive part of your body.

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Green Tea Beauty Benefits

Green tea is a natural, drinkable beauty solution that women of all ages can luxuriate in, whether as a cup of tea in the morning or as applied directly to the skin. Beauty product manufacturers embrace the beauty benefits of green tea by adding it to their products. Green tea and green tea extracts can be found in everything from eye cream and lotion to toner and face wash.

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Hair Removal Products for Men

Although your distant ancestors probably appreciated facial and body hair for its insulating and protective qualities, current styles and comfort often necessitate the removal of hairy growth. While many men continue to shave to remove areas of undesirable hair growth, various products perform this same function. Although shaving may cause razor burn, other products may also cause discomfort. Like shaving, these hair removal products require repeat applications to remove the hair as it continues to grow and emerge from the follicles.