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Daily Baby: SJPs Son Supports Obama, Weekend Wedding for Angie + Brad? + Reese Gives Back

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s son, James, 5, is quite passionate about the upcoming election. His candidate of choice: Barack Obama. “He’s very into Barack Obama,” Sarah Jessica told reporters Saturday at a New York press junket for the movie Smart People. She noted that he’s come to this conclusion “On his ownIt’s that deep. He’s a fan and a true supporter of Barack Obama.” Let’s clear up those Internet blog rumors!

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A Busy Mom’s Guide to Whole Family Oral Health

As a modern mom, juggling countless responsibilities often leaves little time to focus on yourself, let alone the dental health of your entire family. However, maintaining good oral hygiene is essential for overall well-being. Fortunately, with some practical strategies and time-saving tips, you can ensure your family’s smiles stay healthy and bright, even amidst the…

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Meet the MILs: Which of These Mother-in-Law Types is Yours?

Let's face it, when you said "I do," you probably didn't realize you were also signing up for a lifelong subscription to MIL Magazine, complete with monthly issues filled with unsolicited advice, invasive questions, and the occasional guilt trip, courtesy of your brand new mother-in-law. For many, entering this uncharted territory can feel more like…