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Style on a Budget: Re-Fashion Tips for Moms

Hi, I’m Merrick from Merrick’s Art, where I blog about style, sewing, and family life. I’m a mom of a spunky and smart little two year old boy, and seven months pregnant with baby boy #2, and I’m thrilled to be here on ModernMom today! One of my favorite things to feature on my blog is re-fashions. Since it’s hard to find good quality fabrics for a good price and in good patterns, I’ve learned that I prefer to start with something from a store and then make it my own.

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Keeping Fit During Pregnancy

The exhaustion, morning sickness and aches of pregnancy make it challenging to find motivation for exercise, but staying fit is a key element in a healthy pregnancy. Most women can safely exercise throughout a pregnancy. Customizing your maternity fitness plan ensures that your personal needs are met without putting you or your baby’s health at risk.

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What to Wear When You Work Out

The clothes you wear during your workout do more than make a fashion statement at the gym. Your workout gear, particularly your shoes, provides support during exercise. It also plays a role in your ability to move around and your body temperature, especially when exercising outdoors. Take into consideration the circumstances of your workout to choose the best attire.

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Cute Teen Clothing Styles

From cute printed shorts to long, flowing dresses, teenage girls have a wide variety of options for fashionable clothing. A pair of leggings adds a layer of interest to an outfit while keeping a teen’s legs warm. Whether it is fall or winter, spring or summer, the teenager in your life will always have an excuse to look cute.

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How to Buy Eco-Friendly Clothes

If you are hoping to make eco-friendly clothing choices for your family, shopping can pose challenges. There are multiple issues involved in choosing eco-friendly clothes, including fibers, production and marketing. However, purchasing eco-friendly clothes provides the opportunity for your children and yourself to be smart, sustainable and practical.