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An Autism-related Puzzle

Here’s the puzzle, friends of ours are having issues with their child with autism (a teenager). First piece of the puzzle - For the last two or three years, their child would take a sweater to school and many times it wouldn’t come home. One time, they confirmed that a class bully had taken one…

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Weight Loss Systems for Men

Statistics from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey suggest that as many as 72 percent of men are overweight or obese (measured as a body mass index of 25 or more). Clearly, there are a lot of men who could stand to lose a few pounds. Newsweek, however, reports that men and women approach weight loss in different ways, so traditional calorie-counting diets may not be as effective for men. It takes a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight, and different diets focus on different methods.