15 mins read

Changed By A Child

It has only taken me thirteen years to write anything about our story. I can honestly say that I have perseverated about it endlessly, even thought about writing a book but I was always afraid I would end up like Jack Nicholson’s character on the “Shining,” you know, the one that locks himself in a…

4 mins read

I Don’t Trust Women Who Don’t Have Old Friends

Over the years Ive learned a number of lessons when it comes to making new friends: my first impression of people is usually wrong and my husbands is usually right, avoid drama queens at all cost and dont trust a woman who doesnt have old friends. If youve gone through life making and breaking friendships, theres probably something deeply wrong with you. Im not exactly sure what that thing may be. Maybe you get clingy and chase them off. Maybe you borrow their designer shoes and return them with scuffs. Maybe you cut off their head and hide their body under the stairs. Whatever it is, I dont plan on waiting around to find out.