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Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect Father’s Day Gift Idea? Don’t despair -- we’ve got you covered!  Since we know that shopping for him can sometimes be a challenge, and you never want to get stuck buying him a generic gift, we’ve hand-picked over 20 different gifts for every kind of dad and budget. MyPhoto GlassPad - Add…

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Baby Girl Decorating Ideas

Think beyond pink. Bring your precious bundle of joy home to a space that makes a fashion statement and yet still captures her sweetness. Celebrity nursery designer Sherri Blum says, “Give your child a unique gift that will have a profound impact on his or her sense of well-being…a personal space that is uniquely and wonderfully his own.”

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About Organic Baby Supplies

Infants are exposed to greater concentrations of chemicals than adults. A baby’s smaller surface area and body mass make her exposure ratios higher. Babies also put everything into their mouths. From bottles to toys, if chemicals have been used in the production or cleaning, the baby may be exposed to chemicals. For parents who want to reduce their baby’s risk of exposure to toxic chemicals, organic baby supplies are an option.

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Green Ideas for the Home

You do not need to live in a home built of re-purposed materials and lined with solar panels to go green. Small changes in your daily habits, home decor and landscaping have a dramatic impact on energy and water consumption, as well as the reduction of chemical use in your household. If going green feels overwhelming, begin with implementing one green idea for the home per week, such as switching from paper napkins to cloth napkins, and proceed from there.