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Kid’s Menu Options That Are Worse Than a Whopper

Patting yourself on the back because you’ve kept your family away from the drive-thru window? Not so fast! TakePart.com put together a list of menu options for little ones from popular restaurants that are “worse than a Whopper.” Parents beware – it turns out the kid’s menu isn’t always kid-friendly….. Check out a few surprisingly bad choices below: 1. Old Spaghetti Factory’s Kids Fettucine Alfredo.

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Sports That Are Good for Children

By engaging in regular sports recreation, your child can work his muscles, fill up his lungs and get his heart into tip-top shape. When you and your child settle down to select the perfect sport, consider the health benefits associated with many of the most popular options. By helping your child select a sport, you can increase the likelihood that your child makes it through his youth fit and happy.