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The Best Day of Your Cycle to Get Pregnant

You and your partner have made the decision. It’s time to start “trying” to get pregnant. For best results, narrow down the day you ovulate–that is, the time you release an egg. An egg only spends a day seeking sperm with which to unite, and the day you ovulate is your most fertile. Three to five days before the egg’s release is also a good time to try, as sperm can survive that long. Instead of avoiding those magical days in the middle of your cycle, embrace them, and each other.

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The Best Love Match for Cancers

The Cancer woman is devoted to her home, family and lover, which can sometimes seem smothering, but she simply has a desire to protect. Cancers are known for being sensitive and reluctant to share their feelings. My Daily, a horoscope website, cites that a Cancer’s biggest weakness is the fear of repeating past mistakes in his present life. Nurturing and careful, Cancers are picky when it comes to love, but once they find a mate, their loyalty and sexiness shine through.