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Art Therapy for Abused Children

While most children find creating art therapeutic, the practice of art therapy has specific reverberations for a child who has experienced a personal trauma such as abuse. Art therapists employ strategies that encourage children to use nonverbal as well as verbal forms of communication. Effective art therapy helps children move beyond cognitive barriers and emotional challenges so they can heal wounds caused by problems in their past.

3 mins read

Games for Family-Based Therapy

Tragedies, financial problems, infidelity and many other reasons can trigger bigger problems that may escalate and weaken a family’s foundation, no matter how strong it is. The outcome can have a ripple effect on every member of the family. Before it’s too late, going through therapy sessions can help in the healing process. To break the ice, therapists often insert games for families to play during their sessions. Often, these games help families improve their relationships with one another.

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Five Things I learned in Therapy That Could Save Your Relationship

I am by no means an expert on relationships. But I will say, I have been in therapy numerous times for various different things — a failed relationship, an emotional breakdown or just for career help to get me back on track. It seems that in relationships, unless you’ve really ironed out your stuff, they will pop up no matter who you are with. So best thing, in my opinion, is getting it out in the open and figuring it out. Lately, my fiance and I have been going sort of as a pre-marital counseling type of thing, and there are definitely some things that have been helping us that could help you too. In fact, some of these have really changed our relationship, we are bickering less and working as a team more, and we are able to resolve conflict way better than before. I had to share…