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Quick Ways to Cook a Round Steak

Quick Ways to Cook a Round Steak - Simple, Fast and Delicious Providing your family with a great meal, while also saving time, is a never-ending task. Make round steak the answer on those days when nagging voices and grumbling bellies are impatiently waiting for dinner. Round steak comes from the hindquarters of a steer,…

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Autism and a New Study

Autism and a New Study Happy New Year 2022 Recently, I came across a study that provides one explanation on why autism presents in males more than females. NOTE: This is only one small study conducted by Dr. Christine Ecker of Goethe University in Germany. What did the study say? The study looked at why…

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Hair Loss After a Miscarriage

Miscarriages are difficult enough to endure without having to worry about hair loss as well. It is not uncommon to lose hair after a miscarriage, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Hormone levels in the body rise during pregnancy. The higher levels of estrogen in your body slow the normal loss of hair. This results in thicker, more luxurious hair. Once hormone levels return to normal, such as after a miscarriage, the hair that was “on hold” suddenly falls out, returning your hair thickness to normal levels.