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5 Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Thighs

Your thighs are one of the classic places where stretch marks form, and it can be very difficult to rid yourself of them. You will want to consider various treatments, depending upon the severity, color and size of the stretch marks. These streaks, ranging from white and silver to red and purple, are indicative that the collagen in the epidermis has broken down, typically due to the hormonal fluctuations that come with rapid weight gain. Try some simple techniques for prevention or removal and then work your way up to the more intensive treatments. Pregnant women, women who are nursing or women who have recently undergone a cesarean delivery or other surgery should consult with a doctor or homeopath before incorporating therapies using prescription medication or high concentrations of herbs.

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Makeup Tricks to Hide Stretch Marks

Covering up with clothing does not always work for stretch marks, especially when the occasion calls for a certain type of clothing. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress exposes stretch marks around your arms while a swimwear exposes stretch marks around your belly, butt and legs. Fortunately, using makeup can help camouflage stretch marks. Use proper techniques so that you do not have to worry about those times you have to comply with the dress code.

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Four Ways to Avoid the Money Traps at the Supermarket

Dont Be a Supermarket Zombie Its 5:45 p.m. on a Friday. You are exhausted from the week and have just one more stop before home and the controlled chaos of movie night with your family. You simply need milk, paper towels, fancy cheese for your husband couldnt he be more specific just once and the specialty fish sticks for your finicky fourth grader. Easy right? Youll be in and …

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Cue Sticks: Getting Started in Your Own Business

Some people know what their calling is at a very young age and that passion just sticks with them for life. Nancy Shapiro was born to teach. Now, she’s turned that gift of helping others into a business calledCue Sticks.Through Cue Sticks, Nancy teaches the power of positive thinking. Cue Sticks are daily reminders that come in the form of either a temporary tattoo or a sticker.