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Healthy Cooking for a Crowd

If you are hosting a party for a crowd, cooking a healthy meal can be an expensive, time-consuming process. It can also be rewarding. Instead of just calling for a pizza delivery or popping some frozen snacks into the oven, put together a menu that will impress your friends, nourish them and leave them feeling satisfied. A healthy meal for a large group doesn’t have to consume you if you plan ahead.

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Instructions for Making a Rain Barrel

Installing a homemade rain barrels to collect, store and recycle rain water is both environment-friendly and economical. Rain barrels also help reduce the amount of water that may settle around the foundation of your home. Although it may be a time-consuming process, creating your own rain barrels is a project you can accomplish using a little bit of cash, patience and elbow grease.

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Developing Good Study Habits

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting older children is teaching them how to study. While sitting down at the kitchen table and reviewing the content in the book can be helpful, it's not always enough to give children the information they need to succeed on coming tests. Teaching your child to study, however,…

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Does Waxing Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

No matter how dainty we want to be, we are fuzzy creatures. We are covered with hair from the top of our toes to the tip of our heads. While the luscious locks on our scalp are a source of pride, the nasty sprigs on our legs, armpits, lips and bikini areas must be removed to keep us comfortable. If you are afraid of hair growing in stronger, you can rely on waxing to keep this from happening.