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Careers for Women Over 60

Some boomers never retire; they just move onto new careers, quite often starting up their own businesses. In 2008, the AARP’s Public Policy Institute reported that 21 percent of the self-employed in the United States were 55 to 64 years old, and 10 percent were over the age of 65. Starting a business doesn’t have to mean a brick-and-mortar operation, as there are plenty of businesses that you can run from home. If you don’t want to be your own boss, look to local businesses that will appreciate the years of practical experience you bring to the table.

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The Use of Contraceptives

Contraceptives are a fact of life for most women from their teens through menopause. Effective birth control, used correctly, is critical to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Access to birth control has revolutionized women’s rights, but finding a contraceptive that works and has minimal side effects still remains difficult, even in today’s world.