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Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush

Old habits die hard and that’s why I want to make sure I teach my little ones good oral hygiene right from the start. It’s especially important as dental hygiene is a growing problem in children – in fact, a new study has shown that preschoolers at all income levels have more cavities.

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Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush

The airport is always hustling and bustling during the holiday season with families traveling to be close to their loved ones. Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush is perfect for travelers or just moms on the run!

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Why Using a Professional Power Toothbrush Makes a Difference #OralBSponsored

Before receiving the Oral-B Professional Precision 5000 as part of a blog tour with Modern Mom my family was using the least expensive battery powered toothbrushes we could find from our local grocery store. I could definitely feel and see the difference using a power toothbrush was making over a manual one. However, the Oral-B Professional not only feels 10x better than the battery powered brush I was using; it has also corrected my brushing habits.

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Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer

Did you know that your toothbrush can serve as a breeding ground for germs, fungus and bacteria? Proper cleaning of your toothbrush can prevent the build up of these foreign organisms, but even the most thorough cleaning may leave germs behind.

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Toothbrushes for Kids

When it comes to getting your child to brush her teeth, the more fun brushing is, the more she will want to do it. With the wide range of kids’ toothbrushes available, your child is likely to find one that she enjoys and looks forward to using on a daily basis. While there are many different types of children’s toothbrushes available, most kids toothbrushes have smaller, tapered heads, soft bristles with rounded ends and easy-to-grip handles.