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How to Score a Touchdown When Tailgating

As registered dietitians and personal trainers, we’re the first to confess that we don’t mind the change of pace from the decked-out NYC parties to the cool-weathered, casual, fun-spirited jeans and blanket tailgating season gatherings. However, admittedly, getting the whole family to eat healthfully when surrounded by typical game-day fare can be a challenge. Of…

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Festive SuperBowl Cupcakes!

With a small adjustment to the basic yellow cake, a bit of delicious frosting, and some team colors or football themed toppings, these are a simple way to sweeten up your Super Bowl party. Cupcakes are the perfect party treat and whether your team wins or loses, these little cakes will score a touchdown with your guests! Super Bowl Cupcakes Ingredients

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6 Secrets to Raising a Happy Child

For the world, the unattainable question is: “What is the secret of the universe?” For the parent, it’s: How can I raise happy children?” In reality, there is no single answer or way to make your kids happy. Every child has a different personality and different needs you’ll need to address.  Happy children grow into…