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Most Recognized Personal Training Certifications

If you are a mom wanting to lose weight or you are considering a career as a personal trainer, you want to make sure you get certified by an industry-respected organization. For example, some personal training certifications carry more weight than others. Having certification shows that you understand not only what to train but how to go about it so you can help your clients avoid injury.

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Autism and Adjusting to Pandemic Schooling

Like all kids these days, schooling looks quite different during these pandemic times. We used to walk to the elementary school, and I’d pick up my child post-school either for autism-related appointments or after the after-school program. He had an aide back then. He did well in school, yet had many autism-related/behavioral issues. The middle…

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ABCs of Money: Teach Your Kids Fiscal Responsibility

Like us on Facebook – The Krazy Coupon Ladyor follow us on Twitter -@KrazyCouponLady Parents wonder, how do I raise a financially responsible child? When do I begin teaching my child about money? Where is the balance between starved and spoiled? How young is too young for a child to begin earning money of their own? How do I teach my child to manage money? Remember, teaching your child about money is a process, not an event. Here are the best ways to teach your child, of any age, how to respect and manage money.

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Job Ideas for Moms

Managing your children, career and home life can be challenging. It’s even more challenging when your job doesn’t provide the flexibility you need and you’re forced to choose between work and mom obligations and responsibilities. There are jobs that allow moms to create their own schedules and to work around their children’s schedules.