6 mins read

Meet the Single Mom Taking the Beauty Industry by Storm

For decades, the beauty industry has helped shape the narrative around femininity and played a major role in the evolution of consumerism and gender norms as they exist today—the good, the bad, and the ugly. But, one mom is painting a new narrative around beauty, and the beholder, using the brushstrokes of self-love, radical inclusivity,…

4 mins read

3 Life Lessons Your Kid Gets from Picture Books

The world is full of information, of digital chatter swarming and spinning around us. Our children need anchors, ways to navigate through the often confusing terrain of the adult world, moving fast and furious. Picture books are that anchor. In this era, there has never been a better way to teach our children what to hold onto and what to cherish than the beautiful books out there now to guide their way, and ours, as parents. We can raise loving, empathetic, imaginative, curious, community centered children. Let stories be our guide.