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Victoria, Gwyneth, and Umas Crazy-Trendy Kicks

Each season, I am always surprised by fashion, whether it be the it-color, dress shape, or fun accessory. But this new style shoe is the craziest style I have seen in a long time! Designed by Antonio Berardi, these five-and-and-a-half inch heels get you to walk on your toes, literally. Because of its innovative style, it’s easy to see why the shoe is a clear favorite of some of the most stylish celeb moms.

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TRAY 6 Fashion Umbrellas

“Rain, rain go away,” is what we all tend to think when the weather forecast predicts rain. Don’t let the damp weather put a damper on your fashion sense! TRAY 6 Fashion Umbrellas will not only keep your outfit protected from the weather, but also function as a trendy accessory to add to your ensemble.

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2017 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up. Maybe it’s the one day a year you really feel appreciated. Maybe it’s the one day a year you indulge and buy yourself something special. Or, maybe you’re ready to print out a list or two and hide it in your partner’s work bag! Gifts are nice, of course, but…